The Saint Bernard is a passive mob in the Copious Dogs mod. It spawns in the ___ biomes. Saint Bernard's ____ attack.

Taming Edit

Taming in the Copious Dogs Mod is very similar to the way wolves are tamed, only the biggest difference is that you use a dog biscuit instead of a bone. Once the dog is tamed, it will not follow directly. You have to give it a collar, and after that, use a leash on it. If you want to take off the leash, press shift and right click.

Breeding Edit

For breeding to be done with two Saint Bernard's, they have to be near a heat source, such as a torch, but do not use lava. However, they do not need to be in the same heat source. The Saint Bernard should be less than 15 blocks away from each other. Feed both Saint Bernard a cookie and a cute Saint Bernard's puppy will appear.

Care Edit

If something hits a Saint Bernard, you are not able to feed it directly. Instead, get a dog dish and fill it with raw meat. Once there is enough food in the dog dish, the Saint Bernard will eat out of it.

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